About us

Iamgoingtobali organizes tours in Bali, the Nusa islands, the Gili islands, and Bromo in Java. All our tours are completely private. This service makes us unique.  We believe that personalized and private tours results in a better experience overall, that’s why we prefer to work this way.

For iamgoingtobali it is really important to have a close relationship with the local community. They know their island the best and can provide the most unique experiences. They make it possible for us to provide all of our tours. The team exists of six full-timers and a few part-time Balinese guides, who can all speak English thanks to our education projects.

All of our guides can provide you with inside information, cool facts, lots of passion, and love for the unique places you will visit. Moreover, you will be able to discuss all your whishes with us. To make sure your tour is personalized in a way it meets all your requirements and demands.

We are against mass tourism and the extortion of the local community.

Besides tours it is also possible to let Iamgoingtobali fully customize your holiday; this could include hotels, tours, activities, and transfers.

We hope to give you unforgettable memories and experiences and also enjoy the pure Bali!

Lots of love, Team Iamgoingtobali