The rice fields of Jatiluwih

You probably know them from pictures or maybe you have even seen them with your own eyes: the rice fields of Indonesia. Bali is home to many of these sheets of green rice terraces. Perhaps the most beautiful of these are the rice fields of Jatiluwih.

The rice fields are located (as the name might suggest) in the village of Jatiluwih. The village is located in the Tabanan district and has just under 2,500 people living there.
The rice fields have become increasingly popular in recent years, but are still relatively unknown to the general public. A fun, but certainly not unfamiliar fact is that the rice fields of Jatiluwih are on the Unesco World Heritage List. To enter the rice fields you pay 40k rupiah entrance fee, which is roughly the same amount as €2.50 per person.

From the village are several hiking trails you can choose. We decided to go for the orange-medium route of 2.5 km. During this route, you walk from the edge of the village into the rice fields. On your walking route you will find small flowing rivers, waterfalls and lots of beautiful untouched nature. There are some beautiful viewpoints on this route with a 360 degree view over the rice terraces. Here you can take a picture with rice baskets and other harvest equipment, to experience what it is like to work among the rice fields. The cost of this is up to you, it is on a tip basis. Note: wear shoes with good profile! There are some stairs and paths where it can get slippery if it has been raining.

You certainly don't have to fear dehydration in Jatiluwih. A few small stops can be found, where you can buy something to drink and a quick snack, as well as several restaurants. These restaurants have often placed the tables so that you always have a beautiful view of the rice fields. 

There are several nice accommodation options in Jatiluwih.
D'wan Tea Mountain Side offers accommodation with beautiful views of the rice fields and mountains. If you are looking for a true oasis of tranquility, Tepi Sawah Lodge & Retreat   may be a good option for you.