How to have a climate neutral vacation in Bali

Vacation is fun, but what could be nicer than a vacation that does not harm the environment. By choosing climate-neutral vacations, you are supporting initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring natural ecosystems. Climate-neutral vacations can also help boost local economies and improve the living conditions of local communities. By choosing local accommodations and activities, you contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and create jobs for local people.

Eco-friendly accommodation 

Choose to stay in eco-friendly accommodations that adopt sustainable practices such as the use of sustainable energy sources, water conservation measures and waste management. Research in advance eco-lodges, sustainable resorts or homestays that are recognized for their commitment to sustainable tourism. On you can find a lot of eco-friendly accommodations. 

Reusable plastic

Avoid using single-use plastic during your vacation. Bring your own reusable water bottle, shopping bag and straw. Say no thank you to plastic straws, bags and other disposable items offered to you. In a lot of bigger supermarket on Bali you can buy your own reusable bamboo straws. 

Also a good initiative is to bring your own toiletries and do not use the shampoo, soap, etc. from hotels that are often in plastic bottles or in plastic containers.


Water is a valuable resource in Bali, so be conscious of your water consumption. Limit shower times, close the tap while brushing your teeth and reuse towels if possible. The best option to drink your water is of course from your own reusable cup.



Respect Bali's natural environment and take only memories, such as photographs. Do not touch coral reefs while snorkeling or diving and do not feed wild animals. Make sure you always clean up your mess from the beach and if you see litter in the streets, beach or sea please take it with you and throw it in the trashcan.In all bigger cities in Bali you can find a beach clean-up action. These actions are often organized in cooperation with Eco Bali. Also on Facebook you have several community 's that organize beach clean-ups every week.


Choose restaurants that serve local and organic food and support local artisans and farmers by purchasing their products. Take advantage of ecotourism activities that support the local community and promote conservation. A recommandabele local initative in Lovina is the global village kafe. When you enter the restaurant a sign saying all people are welcome here.



Respect the local culture and traditions: Learn and respect Bali's local culture and traditions. Follow dress codes when visiting temples and show respect for local customs and practices.