8 fancy lunch spots around Kuta

Bali is not only known for its beautiful nature, relaxing beaches, trendy boutiques and warm weather, but also for its amazingly delicious and fun lunch spots. From fresh salads and sandwiches, to delicious smoothie bowls and pancakes, they have it all. In this blog, you will be taken to 8 fancy lunch spots around Kuta.

1. Fresco Café Bali

In the heart of Legian is the café Fresco Bali. They serve fresh seasonal dishes with a focus on local products and markets. They use fresh ingredients grown using established organic methods. Fresco Bali caters to all tastes, as they are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you like a tasty sandwich, be sure to try the caprese toasted sandwich here, highly recommended! (@fresco.bali)


2. Beach Bowl Bali

Beach Bowl is known for its delicious smoothie bowls, some call it the best in Bali. They not only serve great smoothie bowls, but also delicious salads, sandwiches and other dishes. All the ingredients used are freshly homemade and made with love. For a cooling lunch, be sure to take a look here! (@beachbowlbali)

3. Crumb and Coaster

Centrally located in Kuta, Crumb and Coaster is easily accessible for everyone. They are open every day and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a cosy place and fun to go with, say, your friends for a drink and a bite to eat! (@crumbandcoaster)

4. Brunch Club

The Brunch Club, located in Legian, was launched with the sole aim of disrupting cafe culture. With totally unique recipes, the brunch blub will never be 'just' a cafe. The menus are designed so that any customer can enjoy a dish of their choice at any time of the day. For example, they serve omelettes, waffles, fresh salads, burgers, sandwiches, delicious smoothies and fresh juices, and with the icing on the cake their well-known Porncakes. they say these are the most delicious soufflé pancakes in Bali, so definitely worth a try! (@brunch_club_bali)

5. Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel has two locations, one in Legian and one in Seminyak. It's a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or have a nice breakfast or lunch. They serve pancakes, salads, burgers & sandwiches and more. They have good wifi and power outlets, so it's a perfect place to work or study here. Also, Coffee Cartel has recently introduced Bali's latest coffee trend, The Coffee Ripple, which allows you to have any photo you want printed on your coffee. How cool? (@coffeecartelbali)

6. Doppio Cafe Pink

Doppio Cafe Pink is a very cute little cafe located on a busy street in Seminyak. And the name says it already, everything in this cafe is pink, how cute! They serve breakfast all day, but also have super lots of other things like delicious juices, sandwiches, wraps and burgers. There's also a Doppio Cafe in Canggu so be sure to visit that too! (@doppiocafepink)

7. Benih café

Benih café is a cosy spot in the middle of Kuta. They are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because it's a small and fairly quiet restaurant, it's a great place to enjoy working. But of course, you can also just go there to have a nice dinner with friends or family! (@benihcafe)

8. Shelter

Shelter is a contemporary restaurant located on the border of Legian and Seminyak. They serve delicious dishes like waffles, salads, fresh sandwiches and more throughout the day. If you want to reach the restaurant, you first have to go through a cute little shop and up the stairs to the terrace. (@shelter.cafe.bali)