Bali bike tour 2023

At 7 a.m. we jump out of bed. Normally the enthusiasm is far to be found in the morning, but this morning we are full of it. Because today we are going to do something super fun! A...... bike tour. 

My first thought on hearing about a bike tour was 'huh, aren't bike tour a thing that you do in The Netherlands?'. No, this tour is a wonderful downhill direction, touring through the beautiful landscape of Bali and stopping at beautiful, interesting points. 

At 8 am precisely, the driver stood with his car ready to pick us up. We were near Ubud, so it was not a very long drive to the eventual location of the bike tour. After about 20 minutes of driving, we arrived at the first stop: a coffee and tea plantation. Very amusing and interesting and you got the opportunity to taste everything. My personal favorite was the cacao coffee. 

After the tea-time it was time to start cycling. The bikes were first checked by the staff and then it was time to roll down the mountain. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this bike tour is to do, this tour is also suitable for people with a slightly less good condition. There are a few bits where a bit of additional pedaling is required. 

Our first stop was a local elementary school. Really funny to see how that operates in Bali. The kids were working independently at the time and where the teacher was.... no idea. The second stop was a local house. Very interesting to see how these people live. The most adorable thing was that they had a puppy and kitten. We stopped several more times after this and drove through beautiful rice fields. I always wondered how rice is produced and here I finally got my answer. 

The last stop of the tour was at a warung (a local Indonesian restaurant) After working out today we had earned a delicious lunch. Following lunch we were properly dropped off back at the hotel. My friends and I thought it was a great day!

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